Custom CMS Development

Custom software solutions for web development in different content management system including Drupal, Magento and Wordpress. We provide services for plugin development: get online shopping carts, payment gateways, social media networking and other custom cms module/plugins solutions. We provide theme design, development and integration: get views, templates, extended user profiles, efficient and easy to handle user interfaces. We provide with performance optimization, maintenance and other cms solutions for all type of websites.

Custom API implementation

Custom API implementation is carried out in expert hands. We offer services in different available APIs including Payment Gateways: Amazon Flexible Payment Services (FPS) and Paypal Recurring and Instant payments. Email Services: IContact email service. Inventory APIs: Amazon and Price minister. Social Media APIs: Youtube, Facebook, Google+, Tweeter. Some other APIs include: Redis advanced key-value store system, efficient Highcharts and Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). We can implement and manage any type of custom and advanced APIs.

Custom Frameworks Development

Web development with open PHP and ASP .NET frameworks including codeIgniter, CakePHP and YII, ASP .NET MVC 3.0, ASP .NET MVC 4.0. These frameworks are build with model view controller structure. Thus, they are providing flexible solutions for web development. We provide services in custom frameworks for web applications : web plugins, helpers, gadgets, online community and social networking and e-commerce. We provide services in custom framework for theme design and integration with interactive user friendly interfaces. Therefore, we are skilled in providing solutions for business as well as personal needs in custom framework web development.

Web Experts

Web expertise covering a lot of area in web development as well desktop applications. We are experts in:
  • 1.      Drupal
  • 2.      Joomla
  • 3.      Wordpress
  • 4.      Codeigniter
  • 5.      Sugar CRM
  • 6.      Custom CMS Development
  • 7.      ASP .NET
  • 8.      Android Development
  • 9.      iOS Development
  • 10.      Web Services
  • 11.      Lemon Stand
  • 12.      HTML 5
  • 13.      CSS 3
  • 14.      Responsive Design
  • 15.      Bootstrap
  • 16.      Graphics Designing Using, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator,             Corel Draw, InDesign
  • 17.      Desktop applications development using Java, C#