Puzzles drives the server infrastructure standards that enable new market opportunities. For last few years, Puzzles created standards for redundant server power systems, rack-mount server chassis, power control and management, and other components and services that simplify the build of server solutions.

We support 3 operating systems (Windows, Linux, MacOS) and a range of services for information exchange, personal and group communications (through PBX), authentication, Domain Controller, live network/system monitoring, WAN aggregation and many more.

With our highly experienced and dedicated team of System Engineers we offer:
  • 1.      Deploying Microsoft Server Environment
  • 2.      Deploying Microsoft Clients Environment
  • 3.      Linux Box
  • 4.      Linux Administration
  • 5.      Domain Controller (Authentication & Policies)
  • 6.      Microsoft And Linux Bases Web Proxies And Gateways
  • 7.      Live System Monitoring
  • 8.      NAS