Established in response to a growing demand by businesses that need more than just technical accuracy, Puzzles is the answer that the typical geeks still don’t understand... business solutions for business leaders. Puzzles has long held a standard of technical excellence, yet our biggest advantage is knowing how to help businesses. We have our greatest satisfaction in assisting our clients to win the competitive edge and ultimately attain their greatest potential.

We understand (and have helped many businesses avoid) the frustrations of mistakenly deploying costly technology just for technology sake.

Puzzles is a full service provider offering of a wide range of computer networking solutions and services, desktop,mobile and on-line applications development with the diversity to handle a variety of businesses. Our clients have been able to better focus on business knowing that Puzzles is their trusted IT department.

We specialize in customizing and installing systems by Microsoft, Novell, Apple, and Cisco. We also pride ourselves as being experienced and insightful as to the use of most major office applications. Additionally, we have established a strong portfolio of custom project solutions whether internally or managing relations with a diversity of collaborative vendors (including telephony, web/email, databases, and security).

We are proud of our knowledgeable professionals, many of whom are experts experienced in an expanding suite of systems. Whether your IT needs are simple or complex, we are ready to provide our full range of services. From conception to training to maintenance Puzzles is your best choice.

Our aim is to provide our clients with quality, robust and user-friendly software which delivers long-term business value, at prices affordable to even very small organizations. Our development approach is to listen to customer needs and work closely with the customer throughout the entire project, to deliver solutions which meet their long-term needs. We keep up-to-date with the latest technologies to ensure the longevity of our solutions, but we don't ever fit projects to a technology. If a solution calls for bleeding-edge technologies, we help you weigh up the potential risks against specific advantages they offer. We follow strict programming standards applicable to the technologies used, and follow recommended vendor best-practices. Development work is primarily done using Agile methods, as we have found this to be the most effective in providing customers with high quality and flexibility..